Created: 8-Oct-2013


Inter Country Committees started as an initiative of German and French Rotary Clubs who, after the 1939-45 War, launched the idea of an association of Clubs with the aim of re-establishing the bonds of international friendship and the promotion of Peace.

After the charter of the ICC between France and Germany in 1950 a network of ICCs developed in Europe and worldwide.

Starting with the twinning of clubs across countries, international contacts between Rotarians increased in a spirit of tolerance and comprehension. Soon Rotarians, clubs and districts from the two countries of an ICC realized, that only working together on common projects, actions and initiatives could further promote peace through improved communications and mutual understanding.

Today ICCs are active far beyond Europe. Close to 250 ICCs in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America are country based activities for direct bilateral humanitarian and peace efforts, using all RI programs and initiatives with a priority on those, which can prepare the ground for peace between countries and within them

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