When it comes to membership, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Club, district, and regional leaders are encouraged to analyze their regional membership trends using membership reports and find an approach that addresses their specific membership development challenges.

Find resources below with regional stories, images, and approaches.

Take your club from good to great

Rotary's Be a Vibrant Club leadership plan challenges members to revitalize their clubs and better engage new and established members. The latest edition offers fresh ideas and comes in regionalized versions. Choose the one that fits your location best.

District leaders can also guide you to solutions. Contact your district governor, assistant governor, or district membership attraction and engagement committee if you think your club could use a boost.

Regional membership curriculum

The curriculum below is intended for regional leaders to use to train district and club leaders. Trainers can customize the curriculum to help participants identify and carry out membership strategies that work best in their areas.

Visit the Learning Center and find online course material on the following topics:

  • Is Your Club Healthy?
  • Online Membership Leads
  • Building a Diverse Club
  • Strategies for Attracting New Members
  • Kick-Start Your New Member Orientation
  • Best Practices for Engaging Members
  • Practicing Flexibility and Innovation
  • Your Membership Plan

Regionalized resources

  • Club brochure template – Customize your club brochure by using this template at Rotary’s Brand Center. Choose images and edit text to best represent your club.