Reporting your membership data to Rotary International is easier than ever. By using a club management system to link your club database directly to Rotary International’s member database, you can:

  • Spend less time on administrative tasks
  • Easily send Rotary your club’s latest member and officer information
  • Be sure you’ll receive an accurate invoice for Rotary International dues and fees
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry

Choose a vendor

First choose a vendor and arrange for the service. Then activate it through My Rotary, giving the vendor permission either to view or to view and update your club's data.

Your district or zone might also use a club management system. Unless it is the same system that your club uses, you will need to grant its vendor access to your club's data. (Although only one vendor may update your club data, you can authorize more than one vendor to view it.)

If you’re using a vendor that you do not see listed, please contact your vendor directly to learn what information does and does not integrate at this time. Find a list of your database integration options for participating vendors.

Club Collaborator

Club management system & website provider

Contact: or +47-982-60-580


Club management system & website provider (in Italian)



Club management system & website provider

Contact: +1-877-469-2582 or +1-905-829-5299


Club management system & website provider

Contact: or +1-720-504-7300 for a free 60-day trial

Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland Data Management System

Data Management System (DMS) provided by Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland only for Rotary Clubs covered by this territorial unit

Contact: or +44 1789 765411


Club management system

Contact: or +46-8-570-215-48

Sign up & activate

Choose a licensed vendor and establish an account through its website. (Your club will be subject to the vendor’s terms and policies.) Once you have an account, you can have a club officer integrate it with Rotary’s database:

  1. Make sure you are signed in to My Rotary.
  2. Go to Club Administration and, under Update Club Data, click "Designate a club management vendor."
  3. Under Club Management Systems, click "Tell us which vendor you're allowing to view or view and update club data."
  4. Choose your club management vendor from the list and indicate whether you're granting it access to view or to view and update club data. If your club already uses a club management system and you're now granting access to a system that will be used by your zone or district, give it view-only access.
  5. Choose I agree, then submit, to authorize Rotary to complete the data integration process.

If you want the vendor to send your club’s information to Rotary, make sure:

  1. Your club is connected to the vendor website and has enabled direct integration through the vendor website.
  2. A club officer has connected the vendor to Rotary by following steps 2-5 above.
  3. Your club ID and members’ names and IDs in your vendor’s database match those in Rotary’s database.
  4. Your club has not been temporarily terminated for nonpayment of dues.

For more information, see the Using a Club Management System course in the Learning Center. Check with your licensed vendor to find out which data it sends to Rotary, and remember that Rotary receives only the information that members choose to provide.