Rotary’s regional leaders — regional Rotary Foundation coordinators (RRFCs), Rotary coordinators (RCs), Rotary public image coordinators (RPICs), endowment/major gifts advisers (E/MGAs), and End Polio Now coordinators (EPNCs) — use their knowledge and skills to support and strengthen clubs and districts, to focus and increase Rotary’s humanitarian service, and to enhance our public image and awareness.

Regional leaders work through districts to connect Rotary members with resources that support Rotary’s goals and deepen its impact in communities around the world. They also serve as trainers and facilitators at Rotary institutes, governors-elect training seminars, regional and zone seminars, district training, and other events when asked.

Regional leaders are appointed by the Rotary International president or The Rotary Foundation trustee chair and serve three-year terms subject to annual review. There are 39 teams of regional leaders worldwide; each team is led by a director with support from an assigned trustee.

Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinators

RRFCs help members fully participate in their Foundation to meet their service and fundraising goals. They:

  • Encourage members to support PolioPlus, Rotary’s highest-priority program
  • Support clubs and districts in their fundraising, especially for Rotary’s Annual Fund
  • Educate clubs and districts about Rotary grants

Rotary Coordinators

RCs assist members in engaging current members and attracting new members to develop vibrant clubs and meet their membership goals. They:

  • Encourage innovative strategies for attracting and engaging members
  • Support districts in new club development
  • Help clubs and districts develop and implement strategic plans to reach their membership goals

Rotary Public Image Coordinators

RPICs help members tell Rotary’s story in a compelling way and guide them in their marketing, media outreach, and social media campaigns. They:

  • Share Rotary’s story and regional impact with the media in their communities, and encourage district leaders to do the same
  • Promote the use of Rotary’s online public image resources to club and districts to increase brand awareness
  • Advise clubs and districts on how to implement and regionalize Rotary’s public image campaigns
  • Publicize the role of Rotary and its members in polio eradication

Endowment/Major Gifts Advisers

E/MGAs increase members’ participation in major gifts fundraising and the Endowment. They:

  • Develop personalized plans for identifying, cultivating, and soliciting major gifts in their regions
  • Promote major giving opportunities with members and other prospects
  • Facilitate events that recognize and encourage current and new donors
  • Work with district leaders to identify major gift strategies and prospective donors in the district

End Polio Now Coordinators

EPNCs foster awareness of polio, advocate for its eradication, and raise funds at the district and club levels to achieve the certification of polio eradication. They:

  • Help Rotary raise a minimum of $50 million in contributions each year, District Designated Funds (DDF), and World Fund matches
  • Advocate for government support for polio eradication through appropriate advocacy strategies
  • Build awareness of polio eradication and fundraising for PolioPlus in their regions