Who we are

The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers is a group of Rotarians who volunteer to use their professional skills and technical expertise in Rotary’s areas of focus or financial auditing to advise Rotarians who are planning and working on Rotary Foundation grant projects. The Cadre is composed of more than 700 members from 75 countries who speak more than 80 languages.

How we can help

Cadre members can assist your project by:

  • Providing project planning advice and implementation guidance
  • Designing community assessments
  • Incorporating elements of sustainability into projects
  • Establishing monitoring and evaluation plans
  • Answering questions about Rotary’s areas of focus
  • Providing financial management best practices

Our mission is to strengthen the impact of Rotary’s grants by assisting Rotarians in planning projects and safeguarding Foundation funds. Sign in to My Rotary and run the Cadre Member Information report to find a member of the Cadre who has expertise in your project's area of focus. You can also search by language, country, and district. When you identify a Cadre member who can help with your project, contact them through the email listed in the report. (Refer to Using Grant Reports.)

What we do

  • Serve as consultants to Rotary staff and Rotarians who are planning and implementing grant projects
  • Assist The Rotary Foundation Trustees with the grant funding process by reviewing grant applications
  • Evaluate the implementation of projects that have been funded by Foundation grants to ensure that the funds are being used properly
  • Perform programmatic audits to ensure that Foundation grant funds are being used in accordance with the terms and conditions for Rotary grants and that stewardship guidelines are followed
  • Carry out evaluations and interviews associated with Rotary’s Grant Model Evaluation as well as other Rotary initiatives and partnerships

What to expect during a site visit

Cadre members visit global grant projects that receive more than $50,000 from The Rotary Foundation to evaluate project planning, implementation, and impact. They may also visit grants of all sizes for a financial audit. Cadre visits usually last three to four days. The Foundation pays for all travel costs associated with the Cadre adviser’s visit. During a site visits, the adviser might collect information by observing the project site and meeting with the grant sponsors, community members, cooperating organizations, and others involved in the project’s planning and implementation.

All Cadre members are required to hold a site visit feedback meeting with the project stakeholders at the end of the visit to summarize their findings and discuss the project’s strengths, challenges, and areas for improvement. Learn more by reading Hosting Cadre Site Visitors.

Join Us

We’re looking for Rotarians with expertise in these areas:

Disease prevention and treatment
  • Skills needed: cardiac surgery, cancer treatment, public health
  • Regions: South Asia, Spanish speakers in North and Central America
Water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Skills needed: implementing community water systems
  • Regions: South Asia, eastern and southern Africa, Spanish speakers in North and Central America
Maternal and child health
  • Skills needed: obstetrics, nursing, general health care
  • Regions: Africa and South Asia, French speakers in Africa
Basic education and literacy
  • Skills needed: teaching, educational administration, especially for early childhood education
  • Regions: South Asia, Spanish speakers in North and Central America
Community economic development
  • Skills needed: small-scale farming
  • Regions: eastern and southern Africa, South Asia, Spanish speakers in North and Central America
Financial auditing
  • Regions: French speakers in Europe and Africa, Spanish speakers in North and Central America, Thai speakers in Southeast Asia