Our purpose

The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers is a network of Rotary members who work to strengthen the impact of Rotary Foundation global grants and projects. We use our professional expertise and technical skills in Rotary's areas of focus and financial auditing to assist members with project planning and grant applications.

There are more than 500 Cadre members from 75 countries who speak more than 80 languages.

Learn more about what the Cadre can do for your project below!

What we do

Cadre advisers are part of Rotary's District Resource Network. In addition to our technical and regional expertise, we also receive annual training on global grant requirements and policy, advising techniques, elements of sustainable projects, and approaches to monitoring and evaluation. When a Cadre adviser provides guidance on project planning and implementation, the most common result is a high-quality, sustainable project.

We provide service to Rotary clubs and members in two ways:

  • As a consultant that members connect with for guidance on project planning, financial management, and professional expertise, especially during the development stages of a project or grant application.
  • As an evaluator appointed by the Foundation to review approved global grant projects and other Foundation-funded programs such as district grants, Programs of Scale, and special initiatives and partnerships.

Project planning

We assist and advise members at the club, district, and regional level, evaluating the technical feasibility of projects, project finances, and grant applications.

Involve us early in the process so we can help with:

  • Providing project planning advice and implementation guidance
  • Designing community assessments
  • Incorporating elements of sustainability into projects
  • Establishing monitoring and evaluation plans
  • Answering questions about Rotary's areas of focus
  • Providing financial management best practices
  • Navigating the global grant application process

Global Grant project evaluations

We review grant applications, provide regionally applicable technical expertise, visit project sites, and oversee Foundation funds. The Foundation requires Cadre site visits for global grants receiving more than US$50,000 from the World Fund.

A Cadre adviser will generally visit a project site during the evaluation and auditing process. Project site visits usually last three to four days, with the Foundation paying all travel costs associated with a Cadre adviser's visit. During a site visit, the adviser collects information by observing the project site and meeting with grant sponsors, community members, cooperating organizations, and others involved in the project's planning and implementation. Learn more by reading Site Visits: What Project Sponsors Should Know.

Connect with the Cadre

To find a Cadre adviser with expertise in your project's area of focus, sign into My Rotary (or create an account) and download The Rotary Foundation Cadre Leaders directory. You'll find contact information for Technical Coordinators and Regional Organizers who can put you in touch with a Cadre adviser in your region or targeted area of focus. You can also obtain Cadre member information by downloading the Using Grants and Cadre Reports on My Rotary, which has instructions for searching by language, country, and district. When you identify a Cadre adviser who can help with your project, contact them through the email listed in the report.

Find a Cadre Adviser

Want to join the Cadre network?

Would you like to use your professional and technical expertise to make Rotary projects more impactful? Then apply to join the Cadre of Technical Advisers! We’re looking for Rotary members with expertise in these areas:

Disease prevention and treatment
  • Skills needed: cardiologist and ophthalmologists in South Asia
Maternal and child health
  • Skills needed: obstetrics and gynecologists in Sub-Saharan Africa
Basic education and literacy
  • Skills needed: Spanish speakers in North and Central America
  • Regions: South Asia
Financial auditing (Accounts and auditors)
  • Skills needed: Arabic speakers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Spanish speakers in North and South America, Portuguese speakers in South America
  • Regions: Sub-Saharan Africa